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Snow Ice Maker

Brief Introduction
Made with new high technology, this snow ice maker is able to produce 30 to 300kg ice in 24 hours. The SM series of products with popular specifications is available for selection, such as the SM60, SM110 and SM300 table mould ice making machines, as well as automatic product for commercial usage.

Product Characteristics
1.If the power is supplied, it only takes 5 minutes for our product to make the pure snow and it will keep running all the time.
2. With the anticorrosion and durable SS shell, this product looks beautiful and sanitary. It becomes strong enough to be used for a long time. In the stand-alone integrated structure, this product is compact, elegant and space saving.
3. Under the aid of advanced foaming technology, the foaming material without fluoride keeps the ice storage warm for a long time.
4. The excellent performance of our snow ice maker is mainly resulted from the strict production technology and world-famous critical components.
5. Using the R134a refrigerant without Freon, the compressor features high efficiency and utility. Its components are verified by the SGS totally, conforming to the ROHS EUP of EU.
6. The ice making mould is plastic one with spiral hob. With compact structure, it offers automatic separation of the water and the ice. Due to the ice blade in premium design, the finished ice is characterized by fine shape and convenient use.
7. Our snow ice maker functions automatic stop protection, which will be useful in the situations like full of ice, ice shortage, overloading warning via automatic detection and failure indication under the computer control.
8. The product is controlled thoroughly by the computer program in the entire ice making process, exerting reliable and stable performance.

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