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The Koller ice machine is used in supermarkets, chain stores and hotels where the ice is suitable for refrigeration and chilling to ensure the food retains its original flavor and color. It is a perfectly suitable machine because it will not scratch the skin of food due to its smoothness and non-angularity.

Concrete Cooling Project
In the course of mixing, particularly when working under high temperature conditions, the hydration heat causes its volume to expand. However, after maintenance and cooling, the temperature of the concrete lowers and its volume decreases. The above process will bring about cracks in large concrete projects. The initial grouting temperature of concrete should low enough to guarantee that the highest temperature of concrete during maintenance does not exceed that designed by units. It is ideal to use an ice water mixture to reduce the concrete temperature. A complete of concrete refrigeration system is needed for every project worldwide.

Seafood and Fishery Preservative
Koller ice is widely applied in fisheries. It is essential to the storage, transportation, processing and the exhibition of the fresh seafood. Koller ice can keep the seafood fresh, humid and keep them at an appropriate temperature. Our ice is highly practical and economical. It won't cause frost damage to the fish surface, but will keep the fish at ideal humid state, avoid dehydration and keep them fresh for a long time. Additionally, the smelted water can wash the surface of the fish and remove the fungus and the peculiar smell of the fish to achieve the ideal preservation effect.

Meat Processing Plant
The Koller ice machine is used in the food processing industry. After the food has finished high-temperature sterilization, it needs the ice water mixture to cool rapidly to avoid bacterial breeding and retain the product's original taste. In the process of producing sausage, the rubbing and rolling (as a result of the high-speed rotation of the roll barrels and the ingredients rubbing), causes friction which generates heat that contributes to the breeding of germs and can change the color and texture of the sausage. It will also cause skim (fat melting) to enable the production of excess bacteria sausage, dim color, hard texture and grease. But, when a piece of ice is mixed with the ingredients in the sausage, it will be given the rapid cooling and desired concentration to maintain the color, fresh texture and improve health standards.

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