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Containerized Ice Block Plant

1. The Containerized Ice Block Plant uses an integrated refrigeration system. All equipment is installed well inside the container. It is very easy to operate and convenient for transportation.
2. Our containers are used according to International Standard Organization of Export Container. They are intact, in good condition and durable.
3. The Containerized Ice Block Plant offers the best structure design, long life span and specifications can be adjusted according to our customer's requirements.
4. It offers cost savings, easy operation and is transported by truck or vessel anytime and anywhere.

Technical Parameters
Without Cold Room With Cold Room
Model JMB20 JMB50 JMB80 JMB100 JMB20+VCR10 JMB40+VCR30 JMB50+VCR20
Type for Container 20Ft 20Ft 40Ft 40Ft 20Ft 40Ft 40Ft
Capacity (Ton/24H) 2 5 8 10 2 4 5
VCR Capacity 3 9 6
Ice Size (KG) 5 5, 10 5, 10 10, 20, 50 5 10, 20 20, 25
Supply Temp 21℃
Ambient Temp 40℃
Evaporating Temp -15 ℃
Condenser Temp +40℃
Compressor Bitzer/Bock/Frascold
Refrigerant R22 or R404a
Supply Power 220V, 60Hz, 3P or 380V, 50Hz, 3P
Standard Specification for Ice Molds Material: stainless steel SUS304
Block Ice for 5KG: 80mm*165mm*500mm
Block Ice for 10KG: 100mm*205mm*610mm
Block Ice for 20KG: 120mm*320mm*750mm
Block Ice for 50KG: 145mm*460mm*1000mm
Cooling System Water Cooling System or Air Cooling System
Special Note: For detailed information or non-standard specification about Containerized Ice Block Plant, please contact with our sales department and our engineer can design according to our customer's needs.
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