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Quality Warranty
The Koller ice machine is researched and made by Chinese refrigeration experts and engineers, who have wide refrigeration experience and a responsible working attitude. Our machines require low maintenance and our brand fittings are purchased from reliable suppliers. We take full responsibility if there are any quality problems. Due to our consistent quality, we have received the ISO9001:2008 certificate.

Warranty Policy
All parts shall be free from defects in material under normal use and service for a period of one year from date of purchase.

Warranty Conditions
1. Malfunctions or damage due to alterations, improper installation, improper operation, lack of cleaning or maintenance, neglect, vandalism, fire, acts of God, or any situation beyond Koller's control are expressly excluded from this warranty.
2. The warranty does not cover accessories.
3. Warranty coverage is not transferable.
4. Any damages resulting from shipment are expressly excluded. Koller advises customers to carefully examine all shipments prior to acceptance and report all potential damage claims to the appropriate shipping carriers.

If you need help with the installation, our engineer will offer you auxiliary installation and instruct you on how to install and test the machines within 10 days. The customer will be responsible for any travel expenses including airfare, hotel, transportation and meals.

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