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Ice Cube Machine


Large Capacity: The capacity differs from 1 ton/day to 25 tons/day. Production is stable and can reach anywhere from 90-95%, even during the summer. When the ambient temperature is lower than 20ºC, and the input water temperature is lower than 25ºC, the production of this ice cube maker can reach 100-130%.
Lower Power Consumption: This ice machine consumes 85-90 KWH/ton. If the ambient temperature is lower than 23ºC, the machine consumes only 70-85 KWH/ton. Compared to other small ice cube makers (which generally uses 150-165KWH/ton), Koller’s ice cube maker saves more than 30% of energy used.
Automatic Operation: The ice maker uses a PLCK program in centralized control, and is self-adjustable for ice thickness, ambient temperature, and features an automatic water supply, ice freezing and ice falling. There are no manual adjustments required.
Safe and Sanitary: Koller’s ice cube machine uses food grade 304 stainless steel for the entire machine, a specially designed water channel and ice discharge outlet, and cleans itself automatically, ensuring the ice cubes are sanitary, crystal and transparent.
Stable Performance: The ice cubes are transparent, crystal, hard, beautiful, easily stored, sanitary and completely meet all international standards for edible ice.

Component List
Components List for Ice Cube Machine
Item Name of Components Brand Name Original Country
1 Compressor Bitzer/Bock/Frascold Germany/Italy
2 PLC Siemens Germany
3 Touch Screen Weikon China
4 Ice maker grids Koller China
5 Refrigeration components Danfoss Denmark
6 Electrical componets LG/Eton South Korea/Germany
7 Cooling water pump Minamoto Taiwan
8 Water cooling condenser Xuemei China
Working Instructions

Supply power: 380V, 50Hz, 3P or 220V~240V, 50Hz, 3P or 220~240V, 60Hz, 3P or 380V, 60Hz, 3P
Standard working conditions:
Evaporating temp: -15 ℃;
Condenser temp: +40℃;
Ambient temp: 40℃;
Input supply water temp: 21℃;
Requirement for water: We usually use pure water to make ice, so that it can freeze and become transparent and crystal ice.
Refrigerant: R22 or R404a;
Cooling system: Water cooling system or air cooling system;
Specification and technical information can be subject to change without notice.