Q: What is the delivery time for your products?
A: Normally, we are able to deliver the machine within 30-35 working days upon receiving the advanced payment

Q: I do not know how to install the machine, could you please help me?
A: If you need help with the installation, our technician will offer you auxiliary installation and instruct you on how to install and test the machine within 10 days. You will be responsible for any travel expenses including airfare, hotel, transportation and meals.

Q: I want to buy an ice machine to produce ice used for human consumption, could you please recommend the most suitable products for me?
A: Ok. In our factory: we have two types of ice machines to produce ice used for human consumption directly. One is the type of ice cube machine, the other is the type of the ice tube machine. Two types of ice could be used for human consumption.

Q: For the ice block machine, if I want the customized ice block size, could you design it for me?
A: Yes, for the ice block size, normally we design it as 5kg/piece, 10kg/piece, 15kg/piece, 20kg/piece, 25kg/piece, 50kg/piece etc. While we could also design the customized ice block size for you

Q: What is the power consumption for your ice machines?
A: Normally for our ice machine, it will consume 80KWH ~85KWH electricity to produce one ton ice

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