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Cold Room

Koller Cold Room Introduction
Cold storage is a construction process where a certain temperature is required for storing goods using artificial refrigeration. Polyurethane cold plate panels are made using a high pressure forming mold, and the temperature can be adjusted to be between -5 to -20ºC or lower.

Koller Cold Room Features
1. The Koller VCR Series Cold Room(Walk in Freezer) has different capacities and can admit 3 tons to 100 tons for different foods, such as meats, fish, vegetables, fruits, milk, eggs, ice, etc. The Cold Room(Walk in Freezer) size can be designed according to our customer's needs.
2. It offers an ingenious and logical structure, easy and convenient installation and operation.
3. The Cold Room(Walk in Freezer) utilizes an internationally famous brand compressor that is forceful and has a long life span. We use world leading system control and protection components for precise control and reliable running.
4. The Cold Room(Walk in Freezer) is for 10CBM to 200CBM. The size can be designed like a container.
5. The operating system is stable and reliable with low failure rate and low noise. Its strong refrigeration uses very little electricity.
The Cold Room(Walk in Freezer) is used in the food industry, hotels, health, medicine, agriculture, chemical and other industries.