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KP05 Flake Ice Maker

  • Flake Ice Maker
  • Flake Ice Maker
  • Flake Ice Maker
Koller Flake Ice Machine Parameter:
Model Item KP05
Capacity (KG/24 hours) 0.5
Refrigerant R404A
Compressor Brand Danfoss
Cooling Way Air
Compressor Power (HP) 1.8
Motor Power (KW) 0.37
Circulating Water Pump (KW) 0.15
Cooling Water Pump (KW) /
Cooling Fan Motor (KW) 0.11
Size Length (mm) 1420
Width (mm) 800
Height (mm) 1020
Weight (Kg) 500

Supply Power: 380V~420V, 50Hz/60Hz, 3P; 220~240V, 60Hz, 3P; 440V~480V, 60Hz, 3P
Standard Working Conditions: Input Water Temperature: 21℃;& Condensing Temperature: 40 ℃ Evaporating Temperature: -20 ℃
As the technology is rapidly developing, some of the above specifications can be changed without notice.

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