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KP200 Flake Ice Machine

  • Flake Ice Maker
  • Flake Ice Maker
  • Flake Ice Maker
Koller Flake Ice Machine Parameter:
Model Item KP200
Capacity (Tons/24hours) 20
Refrigerant R22/R404A
Compressor Brand Bitzer/ Copeland/ Bock
Cooling Way Water
Compressor Power (HP) 66.5
Motor Power (KW) 0.75
Circulating Water Pump (KW) 0.4
Cooling Water Pump (KW) 5.5
Cooling Fan Motor (KW) 2.2
Size Length (mm) 3600
Width (mm) 2200
Height (mm) 2560
Weight (Kg) 3600

Supply Power: 380V~420V, 50Hz/60Hz, 3P; 220~240V, 60Hz, 3P; 440V~480V, 60Hz, 3P
Standard Working Conditions: Input Water Temperature: 21℃;& Condensing Temperature: 40 ℃ Evaporating Temperature: -20 ℃
As the technology is rapidly developing, some of the above specifications can be changed without notice.

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