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CV25000 Ice Cube Machine, Ice Cube Maker

1. Simple Product Description
a. Ice cube size: 22mm*22mm*22mm or 29mm*29mm*22mm
b. PLC programmable control system with packing system.

2. Basic Information
Ice size Ice weight (per shift) Freezing time
22mm*22mm*22mm 13kg/20minutes/39kg/hour 20 minutes
29mm*29mm*22mm 16kg/23minutes/48kg/hour 23 minutes
3. Koller CV Series Ice Cube Machine Parameter:
Model Item CV25000
Capacity (Tons/24hours) 25
Refrigerant R22/R404A
Compressor Brand Bitzer/ Bock/Copeland
Cooling Way Water
Compressor Power (HP) 110
Ice Discharging Motor (KW) 2.2*2
Circulating Water Pump (KW) 2.2*2
Cooling Water Pump (KW) 7.5
Cooling Tower Motor (KW) 2.2
Cooling Fan Motor (KW) /
Size Length (mm) 6750
Width (mm) 2310
Height (mm) 2470
Machinery Unit Weight (Kg) 6500

1. Edible Ice Cube Size: 22mm x 22mm x 22mm or 29mm x 29mm x 22mm;
2. Supply Power: 380~420V, 50Hz, 3Phase; 220V, 60Hz, 3Phase; 380V, 60Hz, 3Phase; 440V, 60Hz, 3Phase
3. Standard Working Conditions: Input water temp: 21℃; Ambient temp: 25℃; Condensing temp: 40℃;
4. Model and specifications can be subject to change without notice.

The above-mentioned parameter will be changed subject to technical innovation without further notice.