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MB80 Ice Block Machine
Koller MB Series Ice Block Machine Parameter:
Item Model MB80
Capacity (Ton/24h) 8
Cooling Way Water
Compressor Brand (France/Germany/Italy) Bitzer/Bock/ Frascold
Compressor Power (HP) 40
Circulating Water Pump (KW) 5.5
Cooling Water Pump (KW) 4
Cooling Tower Motor (KW) 1.5
Ice Size 25kg
Machinery Unit Size (mm) 2080×960×1750
Brine Water Tank Dimensions (mm) 5250×1620×1170
1. Refrigerant: R22/R404a
2. Supply power: 380V-420V, 50Hz/60Hz, 3P; 220V-240V, 60Hz, 3P; 440V-480V, 60Hz, 3P
3. Working conditions: input water temp: 21ºC; evaporating temp: -10ºC; condensing temp: 40ºC
4. The final product techniques, parameters models, and specifications are subject to change without notice.

The above-mentioned parameter will be changed subject to technical innovation without further notice.