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Koller Flake Ice Machine Introduction:
Evaporator Drum:
Our evaporator drum uses either stainless steel 304 or carbon steel chrome in its construction. The scratch-style system on the inside of the machine ensures a constant running at the lowest possible power consumption. Excellent welding and processing technology work together to ensure a highly efficient heat transfer and save energy.

Ice Skates: A spiral hob with a small resistance and low consumption allows ice to be made evenly without noise.

Refrigeration Unit: The main components are all comprised of leading refrigeration technology from a variety of countries, including the United States, Japan and Germany.

Microcomputer Intelligent Control: The flake ice machine uses a PLC control system with internationally known brand components, which controls the entire ice making process. It can protect the machine during a water shortage, when the ice is full, during high/low pressure alarms, and motor reversal in order to ensure the machine operates in a stable manner with less faults.

The ice machine uses German original accessories, and the flake ice is dry, pure, powder free, does not block the discharge area easily, and the thickness ranges from 1.8-2mm, and has no edges or corners, protecting the cooling food, fish, seafood and other products.