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HYF100 Plate Ice Machine

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

1. Simple Description
1. Capacity: HYF100 plate ice machine can make 10 tons of ice in 24hours.
2. Ice thickness: 5mm to 30mm. Our customers can flexibly adjust its thickness according to their requirements.
3. Freezing time: 14 minutes.
4. Production: the plate ice machine will produce 98kg every 14minutes, and freeze 4times in one hour, so it will produce 420kg in one hour.
5. Cooling system: Water cooling system.
6. Specification
Plate ice machine: 2350mm * 2230mm * 2340mm
Cooling tower: 2145mm*2145mm*1955mm

2. Performance Parameter of HYF100 Plate Ice Machine

Basic Information
1 Name Plate Ice Machine
2 Model HYF100
3 Minimum quantity 1 unit
4 Daily output 10 tons (10,000kg)
5 Weight 2200kg
6 Control system PLC micro-computer control
7 Ice temperature -2℃
8 Material of framework structure Stainless steel 304
Compressor Unit
1 Type Semi-hermetic piston compressor
2 Brand name Bitzer/ Copeland / REFCOMP
3 Power 50HP
Cooling Tower
1 Cooling tower motor 1.5KW
2 Cooling water pump 4KW
3 Cooling air volume 420CMM
4 Cooling water flow 46.8 m3/h
5 Water consumption of cooling tower 0.05 m3/h
6 Power of circulating water pump 3KW
Evaporator Unit
1 Type Falling film plate
2 Measurements 1.2m*0.8m
3 Quantity 14 pieces
4 Material stainless steel 304