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Product Features

Why Choose the Koller Plate Ice Machine
1. We use a PLC program control. You only need to select and confirm the capacity, and other procedures will be automatically finished under PLC program control. There is no need for a special engineer to monitor the machine.
2. Energy saving: The Koller Plate Ice Machine has only 60KWH per ton for power consumption, compared with 110KWH power consumption per ton by mechanical ice dropping in the current market. The Koller energy-saving rate reaches more than 30% and has great economic value.
3. It uses flat-plate heat exchange technology for ice making technology and circulating heat gas for its ice dropping technology.
4. We use stainless steel 304 as our material because it provides reasonable evaporator structure, low maintenance and no mechanical wear, and guarantees the long life span of the machine.
5. The plate ice machine can use either fresh water or sea water. It is primarily used in food processing, fisheries and transportation.
6. A storage bin can be installed on the Koller plate ice machine with crushed ice equipment.
7. The Koller plate ice machine is a newly developed product; when combined with freezing and fresh keeping technology, it can be used in supermarkets, aquatic production processing, fisheries, vegetable/fruit processing and fresh keeping, meat processing, concrete cooling, chemical industry, and so on.
8. You can get plate ice and crushed ice from one machine.